Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

Emotional Stress Release (ESR)

Here is a simple, gentle way to release stress.

These are light holding points located on the mid-line of the forehead above each eye. Simply holding these points gently with 2 fingers of each hand can help you to release the stress of the day, so that you are not bottling in up. A light touch is all that is required.

emotional stress release

Here’s what to do

Think over the stressful situation of the day whilst holding the ESR points and take a few deep breaths. Some people (but not all – so don’t worry if not) feel a small pulse in these points that becomes synchronised when the stress has released. You may sign deeply, or just feel better about the situation. This should only take a couple of minutes.

This is such an easy, gentle technique. Parents can hold the points for their children when they are upset and need to calm down. When they are old enough to understand you might like to show them where to hold their points, so that they learn to take time out and self-soothe.

ESR points relate to the Stomach Meridian and the element of Earth in Five Element Theory, which Touch for Health Kinesiology is based on. The Earth element is to do with feeling grounded and centred in yourself. ESR can certainly help with this.

In a kinesiology balance, the practitioner uses these points to help the client release deeper level stress, emotions and even past trauma. It is possible to work on releasing stress from past events, in present time, and to take the stress out of future events such as public speaking or to improve future performance.

Long standing or deeper level emotional issues are best safely addressed with the support of a kinesiology practitioner.

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