Are You Grounded? You Need This.

Grounding and ‘Hara Point’ Correction

Do you feel that your feet are firmly on the ground, or is your energy and attention all up top, zinging around with your thoughts?

In the West, many of us live in our heads more than in our bodies. We value the mind – thinking and rationalising, over simply ‘being’ with our feelings and body’s sensations.

I often have to Ground clients after sessions, because healing can make people feel light and floaty, which is lovely, but I want them to leave feeling earthed again before they go outside and cross the road, or get into a car!

Earth and nature energies are vital to our well-being, topping us up, revitalising our energy fields and providing an important connection to Mother Earth.

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Being in nature, our energy fields (auras) react by expanding and taking in nourishing vibrations from nature; the trees, plants and fresh air. Our energies are also drawn down towards our legs and feet as we natually plug into the energies of the earth.

Things that unground us

Being in the head all the time – busy with thoughts or mental work.

Worrying, stress or feeling anxious.

Energy work and healing practice.

Stimulants – coffee, alcohol, etc.

Working at a PC or lap-top for long periods (this also will switch off and confuse the energy of the Central Meridian, which when balanced, helps us with clear thinking and processing of information and generally being switched on).

Excitement. Sometimes it is good to feel temporarily ungrounded – whoppydo!

Ways to ground yourself

I have found this to be a constant practice with all the healing work I do, but I am sure this is true for most of us in todays world.

Use your imagination to grow roots coming out from the bottom of your feet into the ground, like a tree. Imagine really holding firm in the ground with these roots. Feel the energy returning to your feet as they become more solid and heavier.

Go outside and connect with the ground under your feet. A natural environment like a park, where you can walk on grass or earth is ideal. If not, just walking should help a little.

Feel your connection to all that is right this very second The world reaches out it's loving arms to you in every moment, longing to be felt and heard Offering itself freely to you

Slow down your actions and your breathing.

Focus on your body, wiggle your toes.

Do one task at a time, focusing on each in turn.

Hug a tree (if you are that way inclined). Trees are brilliant grounders! Stand with your back against one and feel your energy returning to your legs and feet. I like the giant Redwoods at Ashton Court best for this.

Learn Hara Point Correction (which is available as a kinesiology session and in the workshop for sensitive people). This will take you beyond grounded, and into your own centre, personal power and strengths.

Hara Point correction is brilliant for training your energy to be centred in the body – in the Hara. The Hara is located just beneath the navel. This sacred place is where we store our vital energy and is the seat of our personal power.

Practicing Hara Point helps us feel very centred and more confident in ourselves. It actually makes you feel physically stronger – you cannot be ‘knocked off balance’ either physically of energetically if you are using Hara Point.

I love proving this to clients by actually trying to move them from the spot whilst they do Hara Point – they are always surprised at how unmovable they are – and how powerful this feels.

Hara Point can be beneficial for coping with difficult situations or people and in facing our fears, as well as being centred. It often comes up in relation to a fear or situation that the person is experiencing.

So, baby get your Earth Boots on!  Have a go at grounding and see what a difference it makes.