Springtime ~ now is the time to go for it!

According to Chinese 5 Element Theory, which TFH Kinesiology is based on, we are now in the season of spring / summer, which relates to the WOOD element.

The Wood element energy is YANG, That is, it open, light, out-going, and strong.

It is the energy of new life springing forth; it is the opening of buds, the unfurling of leaves, the breaking though of new shoots, a time of re-birth. It is a powerful energy, of shifting, of movement, a time of fast transition.

During this season our energy is good. The days are light and long. We have time and space to act. This therefore, is a great season to start new projects, to make changes, to really go for it!

Is there something you would really like to channel your energy into?

Now is the time.

Here are some metaphors that relate to Wood Element: What do they mean to you in the context of your life right now?

‘Are you able to express yourself, and give full voice to your feelings and ideas’?*

‘Is there enough new growth in your life, or are you giving birth to more new ideas, projects etc than can be sustained’?*

‘Do you feel stagnant physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually’?*

Different metaphors relate specifically to the muscles and meridians (energy pathways) in the body. Within a kinesiology session, the understanding they bring can be used to create awareness, as well as physically restoring balance, alongside other corrections.


*Metaphors are taken from ‘Touch for Health Pocket Book’ by John F Thie & Matthew Thie