Survival Tips for Sensitive People

Are you a sensitive soul? Do you feel emotions deeply, take things to heart, and sometimes feel energetically ‘overexposed’ and overwhelmed in noisy / busy places?

Can you at times be over-sensitive to the emotions and energy of others; leaving you feeling tired and emotional yourself after being in their company?

Sensitive People Bristol

There are ways of managing your sensitivity and energy, so that you can really run with it as a gift to enjoy life more fully. I trust you will find some of these tips really useful.

Practice being supportive towards yourself with love and kindness

Know your limits and set boundaries on your work and social time

Organise your time, so you do not feel stretched beyond your personal limits

Get plenty of sleep to recharge for the challenges of the day time

Plan time to do activities that allow you to recuperate regularly

Eat regularly – ensuring you don’t allow yourself to get over-hungry, tired and possibly then feeling vulnerable/emotional as a result

Be able to say ‘no’ when it is appropriate for you

Spend time doing what you love, as this will increase your happiness and feed your good energy

Spend less time on the computer and in front of the TV

Spend as little time as possible in places that do not feel good – places that perhaps have a low energy vibration due to the building/surroundings or negativity created by others. If you have to be in these environments, learn to protect your self energetically from these forms of stress

Do spend time in nature as much as possible. This will help to re-balance your mind, body and emotions

Wearing colours you love will lift your mood, and you will find people respond to you more positively, too

Immerse your senses in the good feelings in life, when you get the chance Really enjoy that lunch time sitting in the park – take in the beauty of your surroundings, really smell the flowers and listen to the birds and insects happily going about their day…

Be grateful for and cherish your sensitivity – it is a strength, not a weakness

Remember, sensitive people feel the highest highs more deeply, as well as the lows.

If you are a sensitive person, I can support you in learning to manage better with kinesiology sessions, in which I share techniques that help you go from surviving to thriving.

These will prevent you from becoming ‘drained’ in certain situations or with certain people, and keep you happy and balanced.

Are you a sensitive person?

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