Goodbye Jet Lag

Say goodbye to Jet Lag

Are you traveling to different time zones on business? Do you find jet lag a problem with staying focused and together at work?

Time of Day balancing can bring you into the time zone you have arrived in. By working with the 24 hour clock and the corresponding Meridian system, feelings of tiredness, confusion and inability to sleep can be eased, leaving you better able to conduct meetings and manage your workload.

Maybe you have a long trip abroad planned and wish to make the most of it by being switched on and less dazed and confused in your first week there?

Fear of Flying

Thank you so much Tabitha for the help on overcoming jetlag. It’s always been a problem to focus and work hard the first days when I travel for work, especially doing creative work, to be fast and responsive is sometimes impossible when the jetlag hits hard on me.

But this time after the balance we did together I barely felt the jetlag, if not at all! I could not normally work and have plenty of energy all day long! Thanks for your help!   MDR (travelling from Italy to USA)

How it works

Time of day balancing is based on Five Element Theory used in Acupuncture as well as Touch for Health Kinesiology. The organs, as well as their corresponding Meridians (energy pathways) each have a time of day at which they function optimally.

For example, the time of day when Stomach is most active is around 8am, and most of us are likely to have breakfast around this time.

So by balancing your body for the time zone you have arrived in, you will be brought fully into present  time, helping you to feel more centred and that you have actually arrived!

Scroll down to the bottom of this link to see the 24 hour chart showing Meridian and organ functions corresponding with the times of day:

Appointments are available with me via Skype or at The practice Rooms in Clifton, if you are arriving in Bristol.

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