Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines can occur for many different reasons because each of us has a completely individual make up. There are headaches that result from stress and tension, occasionally certain food/s can be causing migraines, but more often than not, it is a combination of things or triggers.

Over a decade ago, I suffered from debilitating migraines and had no choice but to take drug treatment from my GP (which were absolutely appropriate for me at that time – I wouldn’t have been able to function without them) to help combat the symptoms, until I began training in kinesiology. This wasn’t the reason I started kinesiology training, mind you – my migraines were so bad and so frequent (plus I have a family history of them) I couldn’t imagine life without them, and was almost adamant kinesiology could not help!

During my professional training, I finally decided to try and treat myself with kinesiology – I had nothing to loose, right?

Stress Release

Testing for my migraine headaches pin-pointed a specific pattern in my Five Element cycle (stomach, large intestine and gall bladder where in a pattern of imbalance), alongside a particular food that was in my daily diet, as well as triggers such as bright / flickering lights / red wine and dark chocolate and being very over-tired. There was also a deep rooted belief/attitude that was not serving me at all, that I needed to replace with something beneficial.

Armed with this new information, I could make informed choices about my eating habits. I was able to rebalance my energy system and the related organs to help my body strengthen and recover from the effects of stress and foods that hadn’t agreed with me.

It took a couple of months of re-balancing my energy for the deep-level pattern that had been there for years to clear it, but I was able to turn the headaches around when they started without taking medication, and one day I realised I had not had the start of a headache for two weeks! I mentioned this to my partner at the time and he said ‘no way’! (We’d been living together for 2 years and he had never seen me go for one week without a migraine).

Hmm early days, I thought… we’ll see. But the migraines only tried to come back occasionally after that and I now knew how to turn them around when they started, and was mostly avoiding  them in the first place. It seemed my energy system and body has re-established better balance and well-being – yippee – what a relief! My energy levels were so much better now I was not experiencing regular pain and sickness.

Because kinesiology uses feedback from the client (using a muscle monitoring response), we are able to communicate directly with the body and let it show you what it needs us to do to restore optimum balance and well-being. Every ‘body’ is different.

I recently came across this article and how emotions can be at the root of migraines: Kinesiology took my migraines away

Always visit your doctor in the first instance if you have any health problems, including headaches and migraine. Complementary therapy never replaces medical treatment and diagnosis.