What’s your new normal going to be?

A new normal?

We may or may not be going back to normal this summer, here in the UK. It’s all up in the air at the moment with a possible third wave, due to the Indian variant of covid19.

However, what I want to know is what do you want YOUR ‘new normal’ to look like?

Living through a pandemic has meant soul searching for many of us. Having our lives turned upside down and having to make decisions about how best to move forward with work and family commitments. It may have brought up career, relationship issues for some, or even put into question our entire set up.

So what is it you really want?

Chances are you have already made drastic changes to meet your needs over the last year. We reacted. We did what was necessary.

With an outlook of life getting more back to normal, what are the things you wish to change or improve about yourself and your lifestyle?

How are you feeling about being back out in the world, without distancing, masks and less people around generally?

As a sensitive person, there have been elements of lockdown that I have not minded so much. Having space from people is my way to re-charge my batteries. So not having to go out into the world on days when I would rather stay in, has worked well.

Wild Garlic in May, often near Bluebells.

I’m not a complete hermit, I have missed hanging out with friends and being around people when I wish to. But the thought of going into a crowded shopping centre to find a pair of jeans, being jostled around physically and even being around that many people energetically, really does not appeal to me right now.

Nature walks are more my kind of getting out.

I feel I am going to have to hone the skills I have around protecting my energy and listening to my body, to keep myself balanced as I venture back into a fully open society.

Is learning to manage your energy something you would benefit from?

Learning to be contained in our own good energy and therefore protected from what is going on around us, helps us stay balanced and energised. I would say it is vital if you are a sensitive person, not to allow yourself to get drained and tired.

Perhaps there is a particular area that needs work for you such as, going back to work in a busy environment, with difficult family members or socially.

If this is of interest to you, I will be happy to book us a time for an initial chat, so you can find out more.

I hope plenty of good has come out of lockdown for you and yours, as well as the challenges we have been through.

Tabitha x

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