Starting a Therapy Practice?

Are you starting a therapy practice? I can help.

I love supporting clients in moving through blocks enabling them to step forward with their own practice.

It can be very daunting time when you are newly qualified . There is so much to think about – the business side of things and the practicalities of getting set up; where to practice from etc. All of this coupled with how you are feeling about it – this is what I can support you with.

Do you wish to take your heart centred business out into the world and help others?

Are limiting emotions holding you back, such as fear, anxiety or uncertainty?

Do you cringe at the thought of ‘putting yourself out there’ and advertising your services?

Have you started promoting yourself but lack the confidence to do the things as fully as you would like?

Are you trying to move away from a job that doesn’t resonate with your true calling?

Meditation & jounaling for sensitives, empaths and creatives

Kinesiology sessions can provide you with excellent tools

Make life changes as gentle as possible, such as moving away from an old occupation

Have confidence in your skills and compassion to help others and take courage to promote yourself

Release blocks such as feeling stuck / blocked / fearful

Align your energy and mindset to attract the right clients, who need your services

Access positive emotional states to fuel your self belief and motivation

Clear the path for you to take your therapy practice out into the world

Support you to stay balanced and centred with challenges that come up

Tabitha is a really supportive practitioner.  I have found her Integrated Healing sessions immensely helpful, together with her practical advice and intuitive guidance.  I have been to see Tabitha about a range of issues, including blocks around launching into my own well-being practice.  

In the session, I was able to break through blocks and work through what was holding me back – and have since started my practice and feel like I can now move forward.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tabitha and her work, I have felt large shifts after every session. BC Bristol

Is it time to blossom?

There will never be too many therapists because people will always need our services. The world is going through major changes at this time, so the more light workers / healers / therapists and practitioners that are available to help, the better!

Having been in business for a decade, I will bring a wealth of experience, inside information and understanding to your sessions.

Why not make the decision today to commit to your chosen path?

From experience I recommend committing to 3 kinesiology sessions initially – practitioners usually make swift changes. I have special 3 session package on my Appointments page. I also offer Mentoring.

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