Are You Caught in a Stress Cycle?

Are you caught in the stress cycle?

Some of the signs you might be stressed are

Feeling overwhelmed

Hyper-vigilance (being over sensitive to triggers /anxious/ on edge)

Feeling anxious / under pressure even when no longer in a stressful situation

Fatigue / tired all the time

Loss of appetite / over eating

Easily irritated / angry

Disrupted sleep / foggy head in the morning

Headaches / migraine

Rapid heart rate

Confusion / hard to focus on tasks or make decisions

Loss of happiness / inspiration / motivation

Once we are caught up in the stress cycle, it can be difficult to come back down. If we have been dealing with a stressful situation for some time, we learn to respond in certain ways both mentally/emotionally and physically.

Our bodies are well equipped to deal with real danger. When faced with a lion, our body will respond automatically with a ‘fight or flight or freeze’ response. The aim of this would be to save our life – the effort our body would experience would hopefully be well worth it!

When we are stressed our body is responding in a similar way to things which have become triggers. These might be situations at work such as meetings, or difficult people in our lives. They are not life-threatening but we learn to react, firing up the adrenalin glands as a coping mechanism.

When this becomes habitual (not through choice but by your body subconsciously trying to help you stay away from danger) it’s puts strain on mind body and emotions. We can become exhausted or begin to suffer from regular feelings of anxiety or unease.

A return to calm and restoring balancing in our lives

The good news is that the stress cycle can be broken and you can return to balance.

Some things to consider

Ways of reducing stress levels and breaking the stress cycle

Relaxation techniques such as breathing / visualisation / meditation

Working on self confidence / increasing self esteem / self belief / more supportive belief systems

Making work/life balance adjustments and life style changes

Managing relationships / creating boundaries / changing behaviours

KinesiologyEFT and Reiki can support you with the things mentioned above.

Sessions can help in the following ways

Reduce stress levels with immediate positive effects

Increase feelings of well-being / calm / confidence / relaxation

Release stress and anxiety from the past and present, enabling you to cope going forward

Learning powerful techniques to stay balanced and centred

Manage stressful situations / people /other triggers

Tune into your self awareness and intuition for positive change

Look forward to a bright future

Contact me to discuss how I may be able to support you in your particular circumstances.

Tabitha x

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