Are Energetic Cords Holding You Back?

What are Energetic Cords?

We are all connected by energy and we can form specific ties to other people on an energetic level. Sometimes these ties can be out of date or may be having a negative influence on us in some way.

Energetic cords can connect peoples energy bodies and in particular the chakras (energy wheels in our energy field). People can be linked at the sacral chakra – especially in relationships, or even mind to mind if they are formed in the Brow chakra.

Cutting the ties that bind

A person may not be able to get a past relationship ‘out of their head’ because they are still energetically connecting with that person. Energetic cords come up frequently in my Kinesiology and Reiki sessions in instances where the person has experienced a break-up and is trying to move on.

Negative cords can literally provide an energy exchange. As long as they are in place, energetic information can pass between two people. If one of these people is feeling angry, for example, the other person can be picking up these feelings that are not their own. Or a person can be unconsciously draining the other of energy.

Charka balancing online

Free your energy ~ feel like yourself again

Is there a person or even a place that you still feel tied to, even though you wish to move on?

Is there a person in your life who seems to sap your energy?

Are you making big changes in your life but are finding it hard to move forward?

It could be that energetic cords are part of the problem. Kinesiology feedback can find detect whether energetic cords are present and whereabouts they are located. They can then be gentle cleared, allowing you to move freely in a positive direction.

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