About Reiki Healing

I practise Reiki healing alongside Integrated Healing and Kinesiology. In my practice I have seen Reiki benefit clients with many different issues from aches and pains to spiritual enlightenment to resolving difficult emotions.

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The beauty of Reiki healing is that our bodys wisdom knows what to do with the energy and where to take it in the body and many complex energy systems it possesses. Such as the meridians, chakras and dantians.

Mentoring in Bath & Bristol

Reiki not only soothes us on a physical level, with immediate feelings of well-being but can help bring us back to ourselves, experiencing the sensation of being more centred and complete.

On an energetic level Reiki clears energy blocks and energy that is not ours. It gives us an energy boost that can support the immune system and the bodys own healing abilities.

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