Healing Tuning Forks for Calm & Clarity

My kinesiology tool kit includes a set of Healing Tuning Forks. I love using these!

What are Healing Tuning Forks?

I have a set of healing tuning forks that are attuned to Earth Sounds. This set of 8 tuning forks are tuned to the full octave of the Schumann Resonance waves of the earths natural magnetic field.

Sound Reiki Healing Bristol

This frequency also relates to the wavelength that the Heart Chakra resonates at, making them an excellent healing tool. With kinesiology we can test whereabouts in the energy field the client needs the sound vibrations.

I have found this is usually a chakra. In particular, the Brow Chakra is being indicated for many of my clients at this time.

Attuning and aligning ourselves to the earths resonance is needed now, as earth is going through so many changes herself . I believe it is not just of benefit to ourselves but to the Earth, too.

Tuning forks are a great tool for clearing old energy have instant benefits of feel calm and more connected.

Read about healing tuning forks here: Healing Tuning Forks

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